Additional Refrigeration Products

Isel has consistently formulated and manufactured high-quality refrigeration products for a wide range of industrial uses.

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Pipe Gel

Premium insulation coating
Formulated to help control and protect against corrosion/rust on metallic components, this non-drying compound is specially engineered to withstand the most extreme environments.:

  • Easy to apply and inspect
  • Food-grade formulation available — meets H2 requirements
  • Dyed yellow for easy detection

Isel's NXT Pipe Gels are expertly designed to:

  • Bond with metal surfaces, creating an enhanced layer of protection — a protective shield that helps prevent moisture and gases from reacting with metal components
  • Boost prevention of condensation buildup on metal surfaces
  • Help control and prevent rust, corrosion and oxidation on metal surfaces
  • Maintain its non-drip form in very hot environments, withstanding high temperatures, and also remain pliable in below-freezing temperatures as low as -75°F (-59°C)

NXT PCG-3146 (Former NXT 3146)

Premium insulation coating formulated to help control and protect against corrosion/rust on metallic components

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