Cleaner Lubricants

Your Ideal Solution For Cleaner, Smoother Operations

Easily rid your system of varnish and carbon

Isel’s air compressor cleaners are designed to clean heavily varnished compressors efficiently and safely while the compressor remains in operation — helping to minimize maintenance-related costs and downtime. These cleaners solubilize the varnish and carbon into the lubricant. This solubilization process:

  • Makes the contaminants easier to filter out
  • Prevents large sludge particles from traveling through the system where they could potentially cause harm

Compressor Cleaner Breaking Up Sludge

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Ensure trouble-free lubricant changeovers

Isel’s air compressor lubricants are designed to be top-off compatible with many OEM and aftermarket equivalents.

Whenever flushing is called for, Isel makes it easy. Isel offers air compressor flushes for a variety of needs, and our step-by-step instructions ensure an easy changeover.

Our cleaners are non-toxic and non-hazardous, with food-grade formulations available.

Find a replacement lubricant that fits your needs.

A fast-acting, concentrate cleaner that readily removes carbon, varnish and more

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