NXT Refrigeration Lubricants

At Isel, we work to thoroughly understand the machinery you and your customers work with every day. This allows us to manufacture each lubricant to provide the highest level of performance possible, specific to the application. Whether you want low solubility with ammonia, miscible or immiscible carbon dioxide refrigeration oil, or something for a halogenated (HFC or HCFC) system, our unique approach combines detailed knowledge of refrigeration systems with more than two decades of experience manufacturing advanced lubricants. 

Performance Advantages

Each of our refrigeration lubricants take into consideration the operating conditions of the facility, the refrigerant-lubricant interaction in the system, the possible energy savings the lubricant can provide and numerous other factors. It’s how we can deliver on your expectations and provide the best products possible. The results are lubricants made with the finest base stocks and additives on the market and designed to provide unsurpassed levels of performance, protection and oil life. It’s how we help engineer your success.

Benefits of Isel refrigeration lubricants:

  • Hydrodynamic lubrication within 1 minute of start-up
  • Excellent low-temperature fluidity and optimized miscibility for the ideal balance of lubrication and lubricant return in the system 
  • Thermal and oxidative stability, leading to longer fluid life and extended oil-drain intervals
  • Pour-point technology that surpasses industry-equivalent lubricants 
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