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The NXT 717 family represents the next generation of 2-stage hydrocracked lubricants. Every NXT ammonia lubricant takes into consideration the operating conditions of the facility, the refrigerant-lubricant interaction in the system, the estimated energy savings the lubricant can provide and numerous other factors.


NXT 717 Lubricants


Increased Low-Temperature Fluidity & Improved Energy Savings
NXT ammonia compressor lubricants remain mobile at extreme cold temperatures, preventing clogging and build-up inside narrow evaporator passages.

Facilities running the NXT 717 family of lubricants have saved thousands of dollars annually in energy savings when switching from leading competitive lubricants.

The combination of lower solubility with ammonia, reduced carryover, and better pumpability results in significantly greater evaporator efficiency.


Reduced Oil Carryover to Evaporators, Extended Fluid Life & Protection
Extremely low volatility and solubility in ammonia systems ensures that NXT 717 reduces oil carryover. This causes the evaporator to operate more efficiently and at a higher capacity.

The enhanced oxidative stability of NXT 717 helps to extend oil life. The advanced additive package controls and prevents corrosion of system components.

Customers running NXT 717 have seen upwards of 72% reduction in annual oil use.1

NXT 717 Chart 1: Large food processing facility using 24 MYCOM screw compressors switching to NXT 717

NXT 717

Enhanced low-temperature pumpability and protection with reduced oil carryover

    NXT 717-HE (Former 2233)

    A high-efficiency ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid specifically designed to lower energy consumption in compressors.

      NXT 717-SC (Former NXT 717-SC)

      Conditions/restores hardened seals and maintains pumpability in low temperatures

        NXT 717-FG (Former NXT 717-FG)

        A food-grade lubricant offering long-lasting protection and varnish control

          NXT APL (Former NXT APL)

          Superior cold-temperature pumpability, lubrication and emulsification control

            NXT APL-LT

            Reliable lubrication and pumpability in very cold temperatures

              NXT 717-HP

              Lubricates and reduces oil carryover in high-pressure ammonia heat pumps

                Carbon Dioxide Products

                Isel’s carbon dioxide refrigeration compressor lubricants are formulated for superior system protection, with miscible and immiscible varieties engineered to accommodate a range of system designs. Both varieties are formulated to:

                • Ensure appropriate refrigerant/lubricant solubility
                • Promote oil return

                The immiscible formulation also meets H1 requirements for lubricants with incidental food contact, making it suitable for use in many food-industry applications.

                NXT 744-POE (Former 6227)

                Provides superb lubricity and low-temperature fluidity in high-pressure systems

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