High-Efficiency Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor Fluid

NXT 717-HE

NXT 717-HE can save facilities  $1,500/year per compressor in energy costs over competitive fluids. 1

NXT-717-HE is a high-efficiency ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid specifically designed to lower energy consumption in compressors. This formulation utilizes the next generation of 2-stage hydrocracked base stocks and advanced additives to ensure outstanding performance and fluid life. It offers reduced lubricant carryover, improved low-temperature fluidity for better evaporator draining, and can help to reduce compressor energy consumption by up to 1.5%.

NXT 717-HE continues to be effective at temperatures beyond -51°C (-60°F), long after competitive fluids have stopped flowing efficiently. NXT 717-HE’s lower viscosities at these cold evaporator temperatures help ensure the lubricant remains mobile and easily pumpable, reducing the energy required to operate the compressor.

NXT 717-LT becomes NXT 717-HE

1: Taylor RI, Roy RC. Improved Efficiency By Lubricant Design: A Review. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers 2000; 214J:1-15

  • Can help reduce energy consumption by up to 1.5%
  • Formulated specifically for use in ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Low volatility, resulting in less carryover to evaporators
  • High flash and auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Low solubility with ammonia
  • Protects against rust, corrosion, carbon and varnish
  • High viscosity index for superior pumpability at lower temperatures and better protection at high temperatures
  • Excellent film strength and anti-wear properties for better protection of compressor parts
  • Thermal and oxidative stability promotes longer fluid life and extended oil-drain intervals
Lubricant Properties
High-Efficiency Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor FluidNXT 717-HE
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