Food-Grade Lubricants

Isel-manufactured industrial food-grade air compressor lubricants offer the safety of food-grade formulations without compromising on oil life, system protection or cleanliness. The security these formulations provide can lead to improved maintenance cycles and lower risk of failure, rust and corrosion. They have been specifically designed to protect your vital equipment while meeting H1 requirements:

  • Long-lasting service and protection against thermal and oxidative breakdown, even in the toughest operating conditions
  • Enhanced protection against wear, water contamination, and carbon and varnish formation
  • Full top-off compatibility when mixed with equivalent products — no flushing or time-consuming change-out procedures necessary

Put simply, our products give you longer oil life and superior protection without any of the negatives typically seen in other food-grade formulations.

Find a replacement lubricant that fits your needs.

Long-life food-grade lubricant ideal for harsh/high-temperature conditions


Long-lasting food-grade lubricant for gears and bearings in rotary lobe blowers


Long-lasting synthetic food-grade lubricant that meets H1 requirements

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