Reciprocating Lubricants

Isel’s reciprocating air compressor lubricants provide the superior friction control and wear protection critical to meet the demands of your customers’ systems. With this protection, these industrial lubricants help extend equipment life and improve facility uptime.

The high-temperature thermal stability of Isel’s lubricants provides a threefold benefit:

  • Ensures protection against varnish and carbon formation inside the compressor
  • Resists carbon buildup on piston crowns
  • Keeps valves clean throughout the entire life of the oil

Also, enhanced oxidation resistance delivers longer oil-drain intervals, and the low volatility of these lubricants helps reduce oil carryover rates for better lubrication and protection.

Find a replacement lubricant that fits your needs.

Exceptional wear protection and resistance against oxidation/thermal breakdown


    Provides superior, long-lasting protection and helps keep compressors clean


      Long-lasting synthetic food-grade lubricant that meets H1 requirements


        Long-life food-grade lubricant ideal for harsh/high-temperature conditions


          Outstanding service with enhanced oxidative and thermal stability


            Good oxidative/thermal stability and resistance to carbon/varnish formation


              Excellent low-temperature performance and protection for portable compressors

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