Rotary Screw Lubricants

Isel manufactures a wide variety of industrial lubricants specifically designed for rotary screw air compressors. These advanced formulations provide:

  • Excellent lubrication of components
  • Thorough sealing and efficient dissipation of the heat generated during compression cycles
  • Enhanced resistance to oxidation (loss of oil life), allowing for extended oil-drain intervals, reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Strong resistance to the buildup of carbon deposits, varnish and sludge on rotary components to ensure prolonged efficiency of compressor operation as well as performance of the coalescing filter

With Isel rotary screw lubricants, you will always receive a premium-quality, consistent product with the industry’s finest service and competitive pricing.

Find a replacement lubricant that fits your needs.

Exceptional wear protection and resistance against oxidation/thermal breakdown


Long-lasting, highly water-resistant and compatible with most OEM PAG lubricants


Long-life food-grade lubricant ideal for harsh/high-temperature conditions


Outstanding service with enhanced oxidative and thermal stability


Good oxidative/thermal stability and resistance to carbon/varnish formation


Excellent low-temperature performance and protection for portable compressors


Designed for high discharge temperatures, providing 12,000+ hours of service


Provides superior, long-lasting protection and helps keep compressors clean


Compatible with, and designed to replace, virtually any OEM silicone lubricant


Long-lasting synthetic food-grade lubricant that meets H1 requirements

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