Synthetic & Synthetic Blend Lubricants

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Synthetic Compressor Lubricants

Formulated to exceed the performance level and oil life of most air compressor fluids, Isel’s comprehensive line of synthetic industrial air compressor lubricants delivers the perfect blend of quality and advanced technology to make the most of your customers' machines.

Our knowledge of the real-world requirements of the machinery you and your customers use every day, combined with our extensive knowledge of synthetic formulations, allows us to engineer and manufacture lubricants of the highest quality. These lubricants:

  • Withstand extreme environmental conditions and the most punishing temperatures and pressures encountered in modern air compressors
  • Are fully top-off compatible when mixed with equivalent products — no flushing or time-consuming change-out procedures necessary
  • Provide longer oil life with superior protection against thermal and oxidative breakdown
  • Are rated for 100 percent service life at a discharge temperature of 212°F (100°C), with many providing at least 8,000 hours and some in excess of 16,000 hours of oil life
  • Protect your vital equipment — enhanced protection against wear, water contamination, and carbon and varnish formation


Exceptional wear protection and resistance against oxidation/thermal breakdown


Long-lasting, highly water-resistant and compatible with most OEM PAG lubricants


Long-life food-grade lubricant ideal for harsh/high-temperature conditions


Long-lasting food-grade lubricant for gears and bearings in rotary lobe blowers


Superb wear protection and oxidation resistance for rotary lobe blowers


Designed for high discharge temperatures, providing 12,000+ hours of service


A full-synthetic glycol replacement for OEM PAG centrifugal compressor lubricants


Provides superior, long-lasting protection and helps keep compressors clean


Compatible with, and designed to replace, virtually any OEM silicone lubricant


Long-lasting synthetic food-grade lubricant that meets H1 requirements

Synthetic Blend Compressor Lubricants

Isel’s customized synthetic blend products are specially formulated for applications in which full-synthetic lubricants may not be necessary or appropriate. Formulated utilizing synthetic hydrocarbon and other high-quality base fluids, our products’ long service life allows for extended oil-drain intervals while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Typical oil life:

  • Semi-synthetic formulations: 4,000–6,000 hours
  • Partial-synthetic formulations: 2,000–4,000 hours

Of course, our lubricants are fully top-off compatible when mixed with equivalent products.


Outstanding service with enhanced oxidative and thermal stability


Good oxidative/thermal stability and resistance to carbon/varnish formation


Excellent low-temperature performance and protection for portable compressors

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