Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids

Caldera heat transfer fluids ensure that plant safety is maintained in the toughest conditions without sacrificing fluid quality. Our fluids are formulated to offer superior heat transfer capability at a wide temperature range. Using high-quality synthetic base stocks and advanced additive packages, Caldera fluids have greatly improved flash points, outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, and reduced vapor pressures.

Performance Advantages

When used in high-temperature applications, the proprietary 2-stage antioxidant package ensures greater resistance to the destructive oxidation processes which can lead to carbon and varnish deposits. A full suite of corrosion inhibitors and wear protection additives help to extend the life of system componentry as well.

Why Caldera Heat Transfer Fluids Are Better

  • Higher flash and fire points – For added safety
  • Long life at high temperatures – Resistance to fluid degradation contributes to extended fluid life
  • Low varnishing tendencies – Allows for cleaner operation and greater thermal transfer efficiency
  • Low volatility – Improves safety and decreases possibility of pump cavitations
  • Defend seals from heat damage and premature failure – Reduction in fluid loss from leaks and expansion tank loses
  • Top-off compatibility with OEM and aftermarket equivalents
  • Protects internal surfaces from corrosion
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Easy disposal


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