Gear Lubricants

Isel’s industrial gear lubricants are specially formulated to meet the needs of the most demanding applications, including those involving soft metal (worm gear), food-processing applications and systems requiring protection from extreme pressures. With viscosities available from 32 cSt to more than 3,200 cSt, we are able to custom-formulate gear oils for virtually any application.

Our long-lasting gear lubricants:

  • Provide superior protection against wear and corrosion
  • Maintain film strength and resist breakdown, even under extreme loads and temperatures
  • Extend oil change-out intervals

Specialty additives such as leak stops, tackifiers and anti-wear boosts also can be added to our formulations for even higher lubricant or system performance.

Find a replacement lubricant that fits your needs.


Designed for heavy-load applications, Isel’s extreme-pressure gear lubricants provide excellent protection and performance.


Long-lasting lubricant protection in heavy-load and high-temperature applications


These formulations offer enhanced anti-wear protection for a broad range of industrial gear applications.


Long-lasting lubrication protection for a wide range of gear applications

Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) Gear Lubricants

Ideal for soft-metal applications such as work gears, these lubricants provide excellent lubricity without the use of aggressive extreme-pressure additives.


Long-life lubricant designed for a wide range of industrial gear applications

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