Breathing Air Lubricants

Isel’s breathing air compressor lubricants are specifically formulated for high-pressure industrial breathing air compressors. These non-toxic, non-hazardous, thermally stable lubricants provide the utmost in clean, safe, long-lasting operation. They offer:

  • Superior lubrication protection 
  • Unsurpassed carbon and varnish control
  • Exceptionally low volatility to help minimize carryover — a critical benefit for the health and safety of equipment operators

High-pressure products include food-grade, diester and tri-ester lubricants that boast improved resistance to carbon and varnish formation.

Isel’s breathing air fluids are distributed by C.A.S.E.

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Isel’s high-pressure breathing air compressor lubricants offer enhanced resistance to carbon and varnish formation, longer service life and strong resistance to fluid breakdown.

CF-8000 (Former 6934)

Extraordinary wear protection and carbon resistance for high-pressure systems

CF-1000 (Former 6035)

Safer, cleaner operation with superb wear protection for high-pressure systems

CF-2000 (Former 6221)

Food-grade lubricant offering cleaner, safer operation and superb wear protection

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