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What's The (Pour) Point?

Make Sure Your Lubricant Flows When Your Cold-Temperature Operations Demand It. If your application involves refrigeration or operates in a cold climate, the pour point of your lubricant is...

How To Use The Isel Lubricant Finder
Lubricant Finder on Laptop Screen

The Isel Lubricant Finder offers a quick, easy way to identify Isel lubricants that are ideal replacements for the competitive formulations you currently use. You can access this handy...

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Lubrication Glossary Of Terms
Red Flowing Lubricant

Additive A chemical added in small quantities to a base fluid in order to improve specific properties of the lubricant such as fluid life, lubricity, wear protection, rust protection,...

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Avoid Oil Sampling Pitfalls

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Isel Sample Kit
Oil analysis is a valuable tool for determining the condition of lubricating oil and the equipment it lubricates. It is best used as a...

Isel Launches NXT Refrigeration Line

Entry by Isel Staff

Category: Q&A

For more than 23 years, Isel’s unique approach to lubricant manufacturing has combined detailed knowledge of refrigeration systems with one of the most agile...


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April 2020 On April 29, 1980, the first wish was granted.  A seven-year-old boy who yearned to be a police officer “to catch bad guys”...