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What's The (Pour) Point?

Make Sure Your Lubricant Flows When Your Cold-Temperature Operations Demand It. If your application involves refrigeration or operates in a cold climate, the pour point of your lubricant is...

How To Use The Isel Lubricant Finder
Lubricant Finder on Laptop Screen

The Isel Lubricant Finder offers a quick, easy way to identify Isel lubricants that are ideal replacements for the competitive formulations you currently use. You can access this handy...

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Lubrication Glossary Of Terms
Red Flowing Lubricant

Additive A chemical added in small quantities to a base fluid in order to improve specific properties of the lubricant such as fluid life, lubricity, wear protection, rust protection,...

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Avoid Oil Sampling Pitfalls

Entry by Isel Staff

Category: Technology

Isel Sample Kit
Oil analysis is a valuable tool for determining the condition of lubricating oil and the equipment it lubricates. It is best used as a...

Isel Launches NXT Refrigeration Line

Entry by Isel Staff

Category: Q&A

For more than 23 years, Isel’s unique approach to lubricant manufacturing has combined detailed knowledge of refrigeration systems with one of the most agile...

Isel is Now Part of DuBois Chemicals!

Entry by Kelsey Trau

Category: News

In 2020, Isel joined the DuBois Chemicals team! DuBois/Isel is proud to continue the tradition of manufacturing refrigeration solutions specializing in private-label, high-technology, and tailored products...