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Speed is essential for virtually any competitive business. It matters to your customers, and it matters to you. That is why Isel is committed to offering industry-leading turnaround time on your lubricant orders.

Through our finely tuned production and logistic capabilities, Isel is able to ensure the fastest, most accurate order fulfillment and delivery. We meet your demands, making it easier for you to meet the timely, challenging needs of your customers.

Most Lubricant Orders Ship In Less Than A Day

Isel aims for one-day turnaround on most orders. In reality, our order turnaround is even faster — 0.6 days on average. The majority of orders received by 11 p.m. Eastern Time ship on the same day as received. Those received later usually ship on the next business day.

Some of the advantages that make this possible:

  • Our proprietary, state-of-the-art blending and packaging processes ensure that the products you order are manufactured with uncompromising accuracy and speed.
  •  We formulate, blend and package lubricants at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

Customization is available: With our expertise in the field of industrial lubrication, we can easily modify any existing Isel lubricant or develop a new one to provide you with the ideal solution for your needs. In the event that a new formulation needs to be created, our typical development time for new formulations is just three days.

Timely Pickups And Fast Transit For Most Lubricant Orders

Once shipped, most orders destined for the continental United States are delivered within four business days — and usually in just one or two days for most of the country.

Some of Isel’s many logistical advantages that help make this happen:

  • Daily freight pickups are available with the majority of standard carriers.
  • Our proximity to freight warehouses facilitates freight pickups.
  • Isel can load tank trucks, tank cars, containers, full truck loads and partial truck loads.
  • With our ample loading area, we can accommodate multiple loadings simultaneously.
  • Rail siding provides on-site rail access for direct loading to rail cars.
  • Our location provides easy access to global shipping routes through rail, ship and truck transportation.
  • Isel is REACH registered to facilitate the importing of Isel-manufactured products into Europe.

What’s more, upon your request, we can blind drop-ship directly to end users and contractors using privately labeled packing lists. This service is available at no additional cost and with no minimum-order requirements.

Lubricate The Wheels Of Your Sales And Distribution Efforts

With the speed and responsiveness of Isel on your side, you can be better prepared to meet — or even exceed — the expectations of your customers. You can fulfill their lubricant needs in a timely manner without having to maintain a large, costly inventory.

In addition to our fast turnaround, Isel offers a powerful toolset and full suite of services designed to make selling and distributing lubricants as easy as possible for you. At Isel, we don’t just engineer lubricants. We engineer success. To find out more, contact us today.

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