Make-A-Wish Turns 40 and Isel Shows Their Support

Entry by Desiree Amaro

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April 2020

On April 29, 1980, the first wish was granted.  A seven-year-old boy who yearned to be a police officer “to catch bad guys” .  His mother, the Arizona Department of Public Safety office and many others pulled together to make his wish come true.  He went on patrol rides, rode in a helicopter, and even became Arizona’s first and only honorary DPS officer!  Chris had the time of his life and passed away on May 3, 1980 with all of those wish granters surrounding him. At the end of the day, some of those involved meet in a spontaneous group hug and realize they don’t want the day to be the end of it.  They created Make-A-Wish and from then have been granting wishes to children with life threatening diseases throughout the world.

Isel has worked with Make-A-Wish closely  throughout the years by attending and sponsoring their Walk for Wishes. To show our support for Make-A-Wish on their 40th anniversary, Isel will be changing our logo for the next week to include the Make-A-Wish blue star. The change can be seen on our websites and social media pages.  Isel is proud to support Make-A-Wish as they achieve such a great milestone.

Happy Birthday Make-A-Wish!


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