Isel Takes the Lead on Green Initiatives

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In our continuous efforts to better support our clients and the communities they serve, Isel is proud to announce the launch of our Sustainable Packaging Recovery Program for HDPE totes and drums.

This program—created in partnership with the National Container Group (NCG)— will aid in the removal of used, empty containers from the facilities of our continental U.S. customers, as well as customers’ facilities located within a 77-mile radius of Montreal and Toronto in Canada.

Isel’s new sustainability program will not only prevent landfill waste of HDPE totes and drums, but will help companies alleviate the financial burdens of costly disposal fees.

About the Program

Our Sustainable Packaging Recovery Program is comprehensive and simple to use. Any Isel customers interested in participating can contact us, and a representative from Isel will work with you to schedule a pickup within five to seven days.

All participating customers should make sure that containers have the original identification labels affixed. Containers should be “drip dry,” which means empty with no material remaining in the bottom or the corners. Close valves should also be emptied, and fill caps should be closed.

You can learn the Environmental Protection Agency’s “empty” standards (40 CFR 261.7) with this EPA CRF Resource.

About NCG

With nearly 30 years’ experience, NCG has provided global industrial packaging solutions for a variety of working professionals. Their initiatives promote sustainability by repurposing and recycling used containers; in turn, this reduces the effects of waste on our environment. Today, NCG has over 36 worldwide locations, and offers custom-tailored return programs for their partners.

Isel — Committed to Our Future

As a leading supplier of industrial lubricants, our organization is committed to providing forward thinking products and solutions. If you’d like to learn additional information about our new sustainability program, we welcome you to contact us today.

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