Q: Is Water Contamination In A Lubricant A Problem?
Oil and Water
A: Water can cause a variety of problems in a lubricant. For instance: It can reduce a lubricant’s viscosity (a condition known as viscosity dilution), thereby diminishing the lubricant’s load-carrying capabilities and its ability to...
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How Do You Test For Oil Viscosity, TAN, Water Content And Metals?
The information gleaned from routine oil analysis can help optimize lubricant life, ensuring viable lubricants are not prematurely put to waste. The laboratory reports on oil samples typically contain a great deal of test data...
Q: Are Two Lubricants With Virtually The Same Performance Specifications Essentially Interchangeable?
Puzzle Pieces
A: Not necessarily. Even if they have the same performance characteristics, they may differ in chemical composition. Chemical compatibility is a critical consideration when switching or topping off one lubricant with another. A lubricant can...
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