Q: When Selecting A Lubricant For Cold-Temperature Operations, What Sort Of Pour Point Should I Look For?
Cold Temperature Thermometer
A: To ensure proper fluidity at low temperatures, the pour point of a lubricant (the lowest temperature at which it is designed to flow) ideally should be more than 20°F (10°C) below the application’s lowest...
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Q: Mineral-Oil-Based Lubricants Or Synthetic-Based Lubricants — Which Is Better For Your Application?
Two bottles pouring lubricant
A: This often-debated issue has no simple answer: It depends on the specific machine, the application, the operating conditions and environment, and other factors. Mineral-oil-based lubricants can offer advantages such as better solubility with additives,...
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Food-Grade Lubricants: Good Common Sense, And Good Business Sense
Assorted Berries
Health and safety issues are a major concern in the food industry. Contaminated food products can not only endanger consumers, but they also can cause significant damage to a company’s reputation and bottom line. Contamination...

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