Avoid Oil Sampling Pitfalls
Isel Sample Kit
Oil analysis is a valuable tool for determining the condition of lubricating oil and the equipment it lubricates. It is best used as a trending process — not a one-time event. When collecting oil samples...
Water Hazard: Protect Lubricants And Equipment From Water Contamination
Splashing Water
Water is one of the most destructive contaminants in lubrication. It is capable of causing significant damage to the lubricant itself and to the equipment in which the lubricant is used. Maintaining equipment reliability requires...
Q: What If I Don't See A Lubricant On The Isel Website That Suits My Needs?
Person with phone and laptop
A: Isel currently has more than 1,000 unique formulations available for immediate production. If you don’t see what you need on the website, contact us. We will help you find what you need. Utilizing our...
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Isel lubricant finder

Use the Isel lubricant finder to make sure you are buying the correct product that fits your needs. Match your current lubricant to an Isel replacement or search for your new lubricant based on how it will need to perform.


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